Community Health Evangelism


Community Health Evangelism (CHE) is a program that God is using powerfully to bring physical, emotional, relational and most importantly spiritual health in the villages of Tonj. Since 2012, we have 1 trainers training thousands of volunteer Community Health Evangelists (CHEs), who make daily home visits to their neighbours and teach a physical health lesson and bible story. For example, the physical health lesson might be about preventing diarrhoea, and the spiritual lesson may be teaching about forgiveness based on the story of the unmerciful servant. All lessons are story based and take learners on a journey of discovery in a culturally appropriate manner, rather than simply teaching facts from a book.

CHE also trains communities to identify their assets, and to work together using these assets to improve their lives. Using this approach our CHE villages have established community schools, health dispensaries, repaired boreholes, and started community gardens to help care for widows, orphans and IDPs, with no dependency on outside funding.

Our first 3 CHE centers were launched in 2016, and since then we have been inundated with requests for CHE from village chiefs and leaders who have seen firsthand the impact of CHE. IDAT is covering 6 regions around Tonj with CHE and is bringing transformation to 46 CHE centers. Every month our CHEs conduct almost 4,000 home visitations, oversee more than 130 bible study groups with 1,500 attendees. We are witnessing hundreds of people making commitments to follow Christ. We have a dream to see God transform 100 villages in Tonj through CHE by 2030!

In Deed and Truth Community Health Evangelism