Container Fundraiser


Last year In Deed and Truth Ministries received a container from USA full of blessings! Inside was ministry items for the church, medical clinic, sports outreach as well as supplies and food for the missionaries. In fact, the timely arrival this year of the container with food alleviated the stress for me and the kids surviving here in lockdown with no supply flights, and Tonj was having a food crisis.

Caring for missionaries is equally as important as sending them out. We often feel alone and need encouragement and motivation. Did you know that most missionaries intending to serve long-term don't make it past the first term? South Sudan is a physically challenging mission field where basic items are not available. The arrival of the container is very exciting (especially for our children), it makes our ministry work more effective and has changed the quality of our life making it easier to serve long-term without burnout. Small blessings like Dr Pepper or Jelly beans and chewing gum bring smiles!! As do receiving bibles, projectors, chairs, tables, mattresses, toiletries, medical supplies, baby formula, diapers, uniforms and food, all have to be imported from somewhere as they are not available locally.

You can personally get involved by giving financially to this fundraiser AND/OR if you would like to “bless” our missionaries directly with Christmas or birthday cards, letters, gifts and even gift cards (Amazon, iTunes), you can send them to the address below marked with their name. Kuj Family (kids age 18,17,16) or Macleod Family (kids age 8, 6, 3) and Soper Family (no kids, new long-term missionaries). If you sponsor one of our pastors or one of “mama‘s kids” you can send a gift, card or letter. We are also collecting new/used items which you can collect and send:

  • Bibles
  • Baby blankets
  • Reading glasses

This fundraiser will be used 100% to purchase supplies to fill and send a 40' high cube container. Our ministry and missionaries depend completely on the generous support of our partners. It is a partnership and we need partners to 'serve as senders' and help us send these supplies to South Sudan.

We appreciate your prayers for a successful and timely shipment which we plan for early January. Please share this need with your family, friends and church groups. We can provide tax-deductible receipts for donations made through this fundraiser.

Address for packages as follows:

7135 Brown Rd.
Panama City, FL 32404

Thank you for jumping on board to help us reach our goal!